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About US

ContainArt Community started with a mission to build beautiful, functional, & affordable spaces in a way that was reflective of modern architecture and green building practices. 

Our project came to life when founder Rashella D'Amico began discussing the ways in which container homes could be utilized to build innovative dwellings anywhere (for anyone)- affording an opportunity to make a impact on the environment that is practical, usable, and customizable. Rashella's husband, Jon, who grew up in the American Midwest, wanted to repurpose and revitalize discarded industrial spaces.


This vision led to the concept of a shipping container community in the heart of an area needing revitalization. 

Shipping containers are simple to pre-build, minimizing building times & costs. 

Shipping container construction is a great example of ‘reusing’ a material or product. It introduces a second useful lifecycle for used shipping containers that are no longer suitable for their intended purpose of carrying goods.


Shipping container communities are unique. On the surface, it may seem ironic that a utilitarian item made to be uniform can result in incredibly unique houses and buildings. However, when you think about all the ways they can be modified, combined, and utilized, you realize how endless the possibilities really are.

Currently we are hard at work on the our launch of the first shipping container neighborhood in the Midwest. 


If you are interested in getting involved, please reach out to us.

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