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A Sound Investment

ContainArt Community is an innovative initiative committed to bringing sustainable living to everyone while improving our communities with unique architecture and repurposed industrial materials.



Where Community Meets
Innovation & Sustainability


ContainArt Community started with the mission to build beautiful, functional, & affordable spaces that serve our communities. We wanted homes that show who we are, reflecting modern architecture and green building practices. 

Our project came to life when founder Ella D'Amico began to brainstorm ways to reduce waste day-to-day. Reclaiming materials was not only a hobby, but a lifestyle. When her husband Jon began to discuss repurposing industrial materials to revitalize underprivileged communities, a shared passion was born. By saving shipping containers from retirement to the landfill and diverting potential waste from the watershed, we are not only doing our part to conserve resources, we are a leader in innovative housing and development. With elegance and strikingly bold lines, our ContainArt houses are designed to be built anywhere--and for anyone--affording an opportunity to make an impact. Rashella and Jon believe that protecting the environment should be easy, accessible, and integrate seamlessly into our daily lives. Having come from humble beginnings herself, Rashella is passionate about bringing these homes to under-resourced areas, communities of color, and those with disabilities. From this vision, ContainArt has blossomed into an effort to revitalize, together, one home at a time. 

Currently we are hard at work on the our launch of the first shipping container neighborhood in the Midwest.  If you are interested in involvement, please reach out to us.

The Shipping Container Model:

Shipping containers are easy to pre-build, minimizing building both time & cost. Shipping container construction is a great example of ‘reusing’ a material or product, also known as 'reclaiming' or 'upcycling.' The technique gives potential waste a second lifecycle after containers are retired from their intended purpose, carrying goods.


What's more, shipping container communities are unique. These eye-catching, contemporary designs bring a vibrancy and dynamism to any setting, from urban to rural. On the surface, it may seem ironic that a utilitarian item made to be uniform can result in stunning houses and buildings. However, the possibilities stretch as far as the imagination. By using cutting-edge welding techniques to modify, combine, and and remodel, the possibilities for a ContainArt home are limitless.

Electric Grinder

Check Out Our Models

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Build A Custom Space

With a modified shipping container, businesses can get started sooner and expand quicker.  We can do pop-ups shops, cafes, bars, kitchens, ticket booths and more.

Resized_FAB-Container House-Cam01(5)001.jpeg
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